Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Difference Between Intact & Cut

So many people are still confused about the differences between an intact & cut penis, thinking the foreskin is some dirty, disease-ridden birth defect.  The foreskin is not only NORMAL, it is healthy & beneficial for sex!  Here are some NSFW images to help illustrate:

THIS is an intact frenulum (the band of skin between the shaft & the head).  The frenulum is the most sensitive part of the penis.  It is typically destroyed during circumcision, causing scarring & numbness.

THIS is what an erect intact penis looks like. Almost identical to a cut penis, except for the soft, more supple, more sensitive glans!

THIS is what an intact penis looks like when not fully erect.

THIS is how the foreskin functions, adding lubrication & stimulating the g-spot for sex partners!  

Look at the glans!  It is soft & sensitive from being protected by the foreskin throughout life.

Those are normal, healthy, intact penises that DO NOT have any higher risk of infection than women have.  Infections in intact men are rare & easily treatable.  Now onto the circumcised ones:

This is a common problem with circumcision-- skin bridges.  An open wound on the penis is naturally going to try heal itself by reconnecting the tissue, leading to scarred skin & discomfort.  

This is another common problem-- too much skin was removed.  The penis has no room to grow during erection.  It causes "hairy shaft" by pulling skin from the scrotum up the shaft to compensate.  There is NO WAY to know how big a baby's penis will grow, so cutting it at birth is asking for problems.

More skin bridges:

This circumcised penis isn't as obviously damaged, but it's clearly cut.  I can see scarring around the glans, as well as keratinization which causes desensitization.  The head of the penis lacks the soft, supple, moist appearance of the intact penis.  

This is not a common result of circumcision but it is an INHERENT RISK.  Why take a risk like this, just so your child can look "normal"?  Or for some tiny, negligible "health benefit," which makes as much sense as removing toes at birth to prevent toe infection??  

Rethink it, people.  THINK about why a baby gets born & then has a knife taken to his genitals.  THINK about it.


  1. Just barbaric to mutilate baby boys like this.....

  2. There's absolutely no medical justification whatsoever in circumcising the prepuce from a healthy newborn boy! It's as ridiculous a notion as removing a fingernail or an eye lid. I'm fortunate to be intact, and I wouldn't give up my foreskin for anything in this world!